What to Wear to a Rave: Rave Outfits for Guys


If you’re new to the EDM / Music Festival scene you may have absolutely no idea what to wear to a rave. Fortunately, rave outfits for guys are pretty easy to put together and chances are you already have everything you need in your closet.

We’ve got a few EDM festival outfit ideas that will help you get started.

The first time I went to a music festival I dressed in the brightest neon orange shirt I could find. It pains me to think back on how much of a Rave Rookie I looked like. (hence the name of the site).

Don’t make the same mistake I did – dress appropriately and people will think you’re a pro.

Bro Tanks

If you’ve ever seen pictures online of people at a festival you’ve definitely seen guys in tank tops. Tons of tank tops.

Regardless of how you normally feel about them, tank tops are perfect to wear at festivals and raves. They’re light and won’t be too hot when you’ve been dancing around for hours. Plus, it helps with the whole farmer’s tan situation if you’re at an outdoor festival in the sun all day.


Jerseys are also perfect. I’d recommend either a soccer or basketball jersey, since they’re light weight and breathable.

Because soccer is a global sport and there will be a ton of people from all around the world at the festival, it’s not uncommon for random people to come up and talk to you about your jersey or high five you as you walk by.


The two types of shorts you typically see are khaki shorts and running-type shorts.

When I say Khaki shorts I don’t necessarily mean the tan ones you see, but I’m referring to shorts that you wear a belt with with pockets and a waistband that isn’t elastic. This may sound like a little much, but these are the types of shorts a majority of guys wear.

They look nice with tanks and jerseys and have pockets (with buttons) to hold your things. Plus, they’re pretty easy to jump and move around in.

If you’ve got a fanny-pack (not kidding) or plan on keeping all of your things in your hydration pack or a bag of some sort, running shorts are a great option.

They’re obviously easy to move around with and won’t get too hot.


Sunglasses are common for a ton of reasons. Other than all of the fashionable reasons you’d wear them, they’re also necessary to keep the sun out of your eyes. Get a cheap pair with UV protection and bring those for the weekend. Leave the expensive ones at home.


Another item you’ll see on a solid percentage of guys are hats. They do a great job of keeping the sun off of you, and music festivals and raves give you the perfect opportunity to rock a snapback.

I typically don’t wear hats, but almost always do when I’m at a music festival.

Comfortable Shoes

Wear some athletic shoes. Something you’ve already broken in that you can do a lot of moving around in without getting blisters.

Don’t wear anything open-toed unless you want your toes to be bruised and bloody from being stepped on all day.


Bandanas are common at festivals. I personally don’t wear them, but I know a lot of people who do. I know they do help with sun and dust depending on the type of ground the rave or festival is taking place on.

Typically they’re tied around the guy’s neck and pulled up over their face if needed. When we were at Tomorrowworld, it wasn’t uncommon for dust and dirt to be kicked up everywhere from all of the people moving and dancing. The guys I’ve talked to say that bandanas help keep them from breathing it in.

I’m sure they also think they look cool…whether or not you’re into the whole bandana thing is up to you.

Have other edm festival outfit ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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