What to Wear to a Rave: Rave Outfits for Girls


If you’ve seen the article we posted about what guys should wear to raves you’re going to notice that this one for girls is longer…way longer. That’s because rave outfits for girls can be made up of a million different possibilities and combinations. If you have no idea what to wear to a rave this guide should help inspire you with a few EDM festival outfit ideas.

It all comes down to being comfortable and having fun. Since music festivals are the least judgmental place you’ll ever find yourself, don’t be afraid to get a little crazy! Just remember, and I can’t stress this enough, make sure you pick something that you’ll be comfortable dancing, jumping, and glistening (since we all know girls don’t sweat) in for hours.

Rave Outfit Ideas for Girls: Tops

Tanks and Camis

Guys aren’t the only ones who can rock tank tops during music festivals and raves. You’ll see a ton of girls rocking them too. It makes sense…they’re light and leave you free to move.

Rave Bras

You’ll also see a lot of girls wearing rave bras. They’re fun and allow you to get creative. Some girls come with plain hot pink and neon bras, while others take time to decorate theirs with sequin and lights.

Rave bras are fun and work with a variety of different types of bottoms.

Bathing Suit Tops

Another popular rave outfit for girls are bathing suit tops. Throw on your bathing suit with some jean shorts over the bottoms and you’re good to go. Bathing suit tops are perfect for festivals held during the summer when it’s really hot outside.

Crop Tops

Crop tops and all of the million variations of them are also popular for music festivals. There’s plenty of room to use your imagination here, whether you buy one as-is or you turn one of your favorite old shirts into one.

Rave Outfit Ideas for Girls: Bottoms

Jean Shorts

If you’re newer to raves and music festivals and aren’t ready to bust out the booty shorts yet, jean shorts are a solid choice when putting together your outfits. Just because they’re more conservative than a lot of the outfit choices you’ll see other girls wear, doesn’t at all mean they’re boring.

Some of the most popular outfits you’ll see are girls in jean shorts and either tank tops or rave bras. Wearing white jean shorts is the perfect way to make the colors in your bra or bathing suit top really pop.

Cheeky Bottoms and Booty Shorts

You’re guaranteed to see a looooot of skin at any music festival you attend. Cheeky bottoms are really popular and with all of the different styles, they can be mixed and matched with nearly any type of top.

If you’ve been doing your squats over the past few months and are ready to show off (or you just want to wear them…because why not?), bring a pair of booty shorts.


You may laugh, but you’d be surprised how many tutus you’ll find at any given festival or rave. They’re fun and light and can look pretty awesome. Some girls make their own, while others grab save time and buy them online..

Wear one of these with some booty shorts underneath and you’ll look like a festival pro.

Rave Outfit Ideas for Girls: Accessories

Knee-High Socks

High socks are fun and will do a great job of keeping your feet protected from blisters.


Pasties are popular at raves and festivals and you may be surprised at how many different styles and types there are. Pasties aren’t just worn by girls without shirts on, lots of female ravers will wear pasties with a sheer or see-through top on.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are typically a no-go when you’re talking about outfits you’ll be seen wearing by thousands of strangers. Music festivals are one of the few exceptions and are surprisingly functional as well.

Lots of girls (and guys) will wear fanny packs if they decide on an outfit that doesn’t have pockets. They’re also a great way to keep the important stuff, like your phone and ID, secure and with you at all times.

Facial Jewelry and Henna Tattoos

It’s not uncommon for girls to accent their outfits with facial jewelry or henna tattoos. You might find that after the first day you don’t want to take the extra time getting ready, but if you don’t mind spending an extra few minutes and have a mirror (or friend) available, go for it!


There’s always a running joke going on about girls wearing flower crowns at Coachella, but it’s for a good reason. Headbands, not just ones with flowers on them, are one of the most popular accessories female ravers wear.

Leg Warmers

If you’ve never been to a music festival you might be surprised at the number of girls you see in fuzzy leg warmers. They’re typically worn by girls who want to go the extra mile and stand out.

They come in a million different styles, colors, and patterns, and you can even buy pairs that light up.


Just like tanks, hats aren’t just for the guys. If you’ve got a fun, colorful hat bring it with you. Not only can it look great, but it also will keep you better protected from the sun.

Comfortable Shoes

Regardless of what you choose to wear, be sure to bring some comfortable shoes. Make sure you bring something close-toed that you’ve worn in. I also highly recommend wearing some socks. If you’re going to a festival, getting blisters on the first day makes it very difficult to enjoy yourself the rest of the time.

Remember…Have Fun!

Whatever you decide to wear get ready to have fun! It’s all about having a good time and enjoying the freedom that comes in a judgement-free environment around a ton of other people who want nothing more than to have an awesome time!

Already have your outfits picked out? Make sure you’re all packed and ready to go with our music festival packing list.