The Big Guide: Simplifying EDM Production


Last updated: 1/19/19

We’re keeping a running list of concepts related to EDM production that might seem intimidating but trying to present them in a way that’s really simple to understand.



Add your wet signals

When two different LFOs are automating the same parameter, Serum adds the wet signal together to determine what the true dry vs. wet ratio is. That sounds hard but it’s actually easy – check out this example:

  • LFO 1 has a Wet/Dry of 20% wet
  • LFO 2 has a wet/dry of 30% wet
  • Serum acts as if the signal is 50% wet.

Mono and Legato


When Mono is activated only one note can play at a time. If mono is on, when two notes overlap one note will stop short and the other note will start playing.


Legato also effects how Serum responds to overlapping notes. When legato is activated only the first note goes through the attack phase. All overlapping notes after the first one will just continue moving through the envelope where the note before it left off.