The 3 Best LED Rave Gloves For Gloving


One of the many things that sets EDM shows and raves apart from any other type of concerts are the lights. They start with the lights on stage flashing to the beat of the music, and continue out into the crowd where you’ll find lights on totems, light up bracelets, and even light up gloves. If you made it to this article it means that you’re probably interested in picking up a pair of light up gloves. To help, we’ve put together our list of the five best LED rave gloves for gloving.

Rave gloves aren’t just fun for the people wearing them, but they’re also fun for all of the people around them. If you’ve been to a rave or music festival and have seen someone with LED gloves on, chances are you saw them putting on a show for the people around them. They not only come with different colors and light-up patterns, but some even vibrate. It sounds weird, but trust me vibrating gloves rubbing your head after a long day at a festival feels incredible (remember, this is a judgment free zone).

The lights look awesome and add to the amazing experience that you’re already completely immersed in. Not to mention they’re a great ice breaker. Just like putting together a great outfit, wearing light up gloves is guaranteed to make you a lot of friends with the random people you run into.

What is Gloving?

My first time at TomorrowWorld I was sitting in the grass resting my legs from all of the jumping and walking when a complete stranger came up and started gloving. It was awesome – the lights seemed to move perfectly to the beat of the music.

It sounds simple, but gloving is often compared to breakdancing. It’s a real art form. It’s something that serious ravers can spend hours perfecting.

Describing it doesn’t do gloving any justice – see it for yourself.

Our Picks: The 3 Best LED Rave Gloves For Gloving

To make things easy we’ve picked them out in three categories – cheap, moderately priced, and more expensive (for you pros out there).

WDCS LED Gloves Party Light Show Gloves

wdcs-led-light-up-rave-gloves-for-glovingThe cheapest rave gloves on our list are perfect for those that are new to gloving or want something simple to get started.

The WDCS LED Gloves are block and come with six light up modes ranging from three-color strobes to three-color morphing. They’re a great bargain for the price and are the right option for people not ready to shell out more money for gloves.

Plus – we all know that music festivals and raves can get wild. Losing or breaking a pair is a lot easier to handle when you didn’t spend an arm and a leg.

EmazingLights eLite Chroma24 LED Glove Set Light Up Toy

emazinglights-led-rave-gloves-for-gloving-moderateEmazingLights are the most trusted name in gloving. You may recognize them from Shark Tank. They make high quality gloves with a ton of options and cover a fairly broad price range.

The EmazingLights eLite Chroma24 set is used by many top glovers, and is really customizable. It comes with clear bulbs with twenty-four colors and also gives you the option to create your own modes.

How cool is that? You can create your own light patterns. That means it’s guaranteed that your set of gloves will be unique and will stand out from all of the other glovers that you’ll run into.

Want to see them in action? Check out the video on their product page.

EmazingLights eLite Element V2 LED Glove Set Light Up Toy

emazinglights-element-led-rave-gloves-for-glovingThe Element V2 LED rave gloves from EmazingLights are the highest end gloves on our list. They’re like the eLite Chroma24 set listed above on steroids. They’ve got even more colors, and feature new functions.

They’re easy to set up and use and will meet the needs of even the most advanced glover. If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will last and don’t mind spending the extra money, we’d definitely go with these.

Find out more information about the eLite Element V2 LED Glove Set here.

Now It’s Time To Practice!

Now that you have your very own pair of light up rave gloves it’s time to practice! Work on those moves and get ready to show them off.

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