September Wrap-Up


September was weird for us this year because we’d usually have TomorrowWorld to look forward to. Because they aren’t having it this year (or maybe ever…) we’re still in need of our music festival fix.

Alesso at Echostage was…incredible

We were at Echostage for Labor Day weekend to catch Alesso play an absolutely incredible set. It was definitely one of my favorites that I’ve ever seen live. There wasn’t a single person there that wasn’t singing along or dancing, and the night was topped off when he came back out after his set to perform a bit of a B2B set with the supporting DJ.

I have a million pictures…none of them are good though. If I can hunt down a good one I’ll be sure to post it.


New Music We Can’t Get Enough Of

What was up to in September?

We’re pumped about a few of the articles we put together this past month. If you wanted some pro tips that you can use for your next music festival we have you covered. Also, if you’re a guy and you have absolutely no idea what to wear to a rave or music festival we put together a guide to help you out.

We also changed the look of the site. How do you like it? It’s still coming together, but love the progress so far.

This month we’re already in the weeds putting together our guide to help girls get dressed for raves and music festivals, and we’re also working on a guide for the New Year’s Eve shows and festivals that are coming up.


We’re going to focus on writing some helpful stuff for ravers of all levels, and can’t wait to share them. If you have any ideas or questions let us know!