5 Music Festival Pro Tips


Even if you’re new to the electronic music festival scene you don’t have to act like it. We put together some of the things we wish we knew when we first started to help you get prepared for the time of your life.

Pro Tip 1: Come Prepared

This may seem like a no-brainer, but doing your research and taking the proper time getting ready for your trip is important. We put together a music festival packing list you can use to make sure you’re covered.

Always remember check the festival’s website and social media accounts to see if they have special information or rules regarding what you can and can’t bring with you.

Pro Tip 2: How to Always Find Your Group in a Crowd

Whether you need to run to the bathroom or you’re heading to another stage to see a different act, chances are at some point you’re going to get split up from the rest of the group. If you aren’t careful, finding your way back to everyone else can be almost impossible.
find your group at a music festivalFortunately, there’s an easy fix. Flags or totems can be an easy way to see exactly where your group is standing from a distance. If you don’t want to get a flag or you don’t have time to work on a totem you can be proud of, something as simple as an inflatable stick animal works. A group that I’ve gone to a handful of concerts and festivals with always get the same animal inflatables and can easily find each other after we’ve split up.

*For bonus points wrap it in LED wiring so that it lights up all night and can easily be found in the dark. Plus it looks pretty sweet.

Pro Tip 3: Mark Your Tent

If you’re camping at a music festival it isn’t always easy to find your tent after a long day of partying. If your tent looks different than all of the others you probably won’t have any trouble.

If your tent doesn’t necessarily stand out or you’re camping at a festival that provided tents and they all look the same, you’ll want to mark your tent so that you know exactly which one it is.

My favorite thing to do is to tie a balloon to the tent so that you can see it from a distance. You can also tie a bandana or something similar to the door handle.

Pro Tip 4: Don’t Let Your Phone Die

Not only is it a shame if you can’t take pictures of the awesome lights and fireworks, but more importantly it can be really difficult to reconnect with your group if your phone is off.

You’ll never know when you might need it. A lot of festivals give you the option to buy portable chargers or use charger lockers there, but it’s worth it to go ahead and buy your own.

This is the one that I have. It works great and keeps my phone (and any others that need it) charged all weekend. Plus, it’s pretty cheap.

Pro Tip 5: Bring Your Own Toilet Paper

Often times bathrooms at music festivals take a beating. There are tens of thousands of people using them non-stop for an entire weekend and chances are you’re going to find yourself in a position where they’re out of toilet paper or the only roll of toilet paper left got dropped into the toilet (trust me it happens), you don’t want to go without.

Besides, the toilet paper you bring will probably be a lot more comfortable than the sandpaper that they usually offer.

You don’t have to bring in an entire roll. Just tear off a bit of it and put it in your bag to bring with you.


We’ll be keeping this list updated, so if you have one that you think we should add leave a comment and let us know!