2 Things You NEED to Take to Ultra This Year


Ultra Music Festival’s 20th anniversary celebration is right around the corner.

You snagged your tickets and you’re preparing to go…but what do you need to bring? We outlined a longer list here, but here are two things you absolutely can’t go without:

Hydration Pack

Hydration packs are vital for any music festival, let alone when you’re soaking up the sun all day in Miami. The worst decision I ever made was going to my first music festival without one – I’ll never make that mistake again. Hydration packs allow you to carry a couple of liters of water conveniently on your back, eliminating the need to continuously buy and carry around water bottles. Nothing is more annoying than having to leave your awesome spot during your favorite DJs set because you’re dehydrated and in serious need of water.

Ultra does a great job of making water refill stations available throughout Bayfront Park. Camelbaks are popular for music festivals because they’re durable and can hold a good bit of water. Mine has lasted me for three music festivals and I doubt I’ll ever get another brand.

Portable Phone Charger

While most people think hydration packs are a no-brainer, someone (nearly) equally as important is bringing along a portable phone charger. My very first festival left me without my friends for the entire day because we got split up and my phone died. I had a ton of dancing around with strangers…but would have much rather been hanging out with the people I came with.

With all of the pictures you’ll be taking, you’ll likely be using a ton of battery while you’re at Ultra. Do yourself a favor and grab a portable charger before you go – most of them nowadays will have the ability to charge your phone multiple times without dying. Recharge your charger every night and you’ll be good to go without the worry that you’ll get lost from your group…like me.


Already have those covered? Here are a few other music festival essentials you should go ahead and order – March will be here before you know it!